Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong Sang Le was founded in 1987, Shandong Province Academy of Sciences for the technical support, is the high-tech joint-stock enterprises in Jinan City, has become the research, development, production as one of the large-scale professional manufacturer of solar. Alliance is currently vice chairman of China's solar industry units, unit director of Shandong Solar Energy Society.

Company is set up based on an average growth rate of nearly 50% of the speed of the rapid development of ten consecutive years, Shandong solar market, production scale among the forefront of the domestic industry. The company now has the biggest most professional solar water heater production base with annual output up to 1 million units. Le Sang managed entirely on the development of excellence, technological innovation and strategic positioning accuracy. Sang Le is the first in the industry has three major certification companies

And rely on "safe drinking water", "3C" and "ISO9001" three certification gradually established their own unique three major advantages: first through the drinking water health and safety certification; first to enter the digital age; the only commitment typhoons and other natural product damage caused by disasters for free repair. With this core competence, Lok Sang won the approval of the market, winning praise from consumers in 2004 was named "Shandong Famous Brand" products, was awarded the 2005 "national exemption product" title.

Company pays attention to cultural development and personnel training, construction of "a mission, the two pursuit of three mutual loyalty" core values, which is the largest San Musicians spiritual wealth. Le Sang continuously improve by its own corporate culture, and make music in the San staff and business partners to get in-depth follow-up and implementation of rapid development has created a brave heart, good stability, high quality team of Sang Le , received praise national counterparts. People-oriented company, talented people, and business, and has been working to build an equitable, liberal, progressive, harmonious enterprise and the human environment.

Today in the lack of conventional energy, solar energy San Yue more obsessed with the cause. The sun is new every day, Lok Sang, like the sun will rise every day of!

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